For Kids

How are Stars made ?

Stars are made from  huge clouds of gas and dust. Gradually the cloud shrinks and all the gas and dust clump together. The centre of the cloud gets hotter and hotter and a new star begins to shine,\. The star gives off heat and light.

Which planet has the biggest volcano

Mars has the biggest volcano. The name of the volcano is Olympus Mons and it is 3 times higher than the Mount Everest (The highest mountain on Earth). It covers an area the size of United Kingdom. Olympus Mons has gently sloping sides like an upside down plate.

What is the hottest planet ?

The hottest planet in the solar system is Venus. It has a surface hotter than inside of an oven with approximately a temperature of 470 degrees Celsius. Venus is covered i a blanket of thick, yellow gas.The gases trap heat from the sun but don't let it escape. This means that Venus can't cool down

What is the Milky Way ?

The Stars in Space are in Big Groups called galaxies . Our Galaxy is called the Milky Way . All stars in the night sky are in Milky Way.  There are so many stars in sky that you could not count them all in your whole life time . 

How Does a Shuttle go into Space ?

A shuttle blasts into space like a big rocket. It has rocket motors in its tail . The rocket get fuel from a giant fuel tank . There are rockets who posses two boosters also. The fuel tank and boosters rockets fall off before the shuttle reaches into space .  Rockets are filled with fuel and fuel burns in the rocket motor to make hot gases. The gases rush out of the motor and push rocket to upwards direction .  

How does a Shuttle come back to Earth ?

When a shuttle travel back towards Earth Its slow down , And begins to fall . While coming back to Earth it does not use its motors to fly down .  While coming back its flies like a giant glider . The shuttle lands on a long runway and uses a parachute to slow to a stop. 

Why do Moon Change Shape on Day to Day Basis?

The Sun lights up one side of the moon . The other side of moon is dark . As the Moon circles the Earth , We see different parts of the lit side . This is the reason the Moon change the shape on daily basis. 

Is there any other Planet near the Sun like Earth ?

Yes , There are  Eight Planets near the Sun . Mercury and Venus are nearer to the Sun than the Earth . The other Planets are away . All the Planets move around the Sun in a Huge Circles.  The Sun and Family of Eight Planets called SOLAR SYSTEM .

Why do Astronauts wear Spacesuits in Space ?

Space is a dangerous place . There is no Air  in Space . So a spacesuit provide supply of Oxygen in space to breathe in space . Spacesuit protects astronauts when the go outside to space station/ space aircraft.  Spacesuits also maintain the temperature while travelling in space . Its protects astronauts from getting too hot or too cold in space . 

Why does the Earth Spin ?

The earth is always spinning . This is because it was made from a spinning cloud of gas and dust . As it spins , the Earth leans a little to one side . It takes the Earth 24 Hours to spin around once . This period of time is called A DAY. 

What is inside the Earth ?

There are different layers inside the Earth . The outer part of the core Earth is made  of Hot, Liquid metal . The Inner core is made of solid metal . There is a thin , rocky crust , a solid area called the mantle and a centre called the core .  

Why do Astronauts float in Space ?

When things or objects are in space they do not have any weight . means every thing float in space .  So Astronauts also float in space .  The floating in space makes them feel sick . So in a spacecraft everything is fixed down to stop it floating away .  So Astronauts have footholds and handholds to grab onto .